PPC Services


PPC Services
Pay-per-click is one of the key pillars of online marketing. In this digital age, if your company is
not investing in PPC, then you might want to give it a second thought. Consumers are online
and making a digital foray to target your customer base is the best thing you can do to boost
your sales.
Our expert PPC solutions make sure that your website is visible to relevant potential customers.
We not only target to improve your online visibility, but also maintain consistency to retain that
SEO strategies take time to show results, which is why it is complemented with a PPC Strategy
as well. PPC is the quickest way to advertise online and generate ROI. A sturdy PPC
management strategy by Digital Stalwarts will allow you to target new business, measure
visitors and influence traffic on your website on a daily basis.
What We Do?
Google Ad Campaigns: We analyze your challenges and channelize your strengths to create an
optimal Google Adwords campaign that curbs wasteful spending.
Google Analytics: Using Google Analytics tools, we track visitors, time on site, conversion rate
and bounce rate on a per second basis. This information allows us to shape our PPC strategy in
the best way possible for your business.
Creating Landing Pages: A successful PPC Campaign requires crisp and sharp landing pages
with relevant content and attractive design, so that your product reaches out to its targeted
audience. Our dedicated content team and web design team along with PPC experts work
together to create perfectly synergized landing pages.
Other PPC Marketing Activities: A-B ad testing, beta testing, keyword tracking, ad extensions,
remarketing strategies, conversion funneling, match types, quality score etc. form an integral
part of our strategy and help us create an invincible brand for your company.