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VIVS Technology is like your very own personal Web Designing and Development team that works for the best interests of your company. Primarily based in India (New Delhi), we offer an extensive range of top quality services related to Website Design, Website Development, CMS Development, Mobile Development, Game Development, Content Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM). The main aim of the company is to produce high quality products and services for our clients by opening them up to some of the most advanced and best-in-class technology enablers. Our client-centric approach helps us to see the exact need of our customer, and we suggest only the most affordable yet best alternative for a given project. The finished result of the services rendered by the firm will always be superior to anything they have witnessed before and surpass their expectations.

Our Service keeps you Happy

1. Online Business
We know the nuances of running a successful online business. Our team of experts can help you set up a fast selling online business.

2. Accurate Analytics
Our Analysts are certified by Google and their expertise can help you get intelligent insights that you never imagined could have an impact on your business

3. True Statistics
With the help of statistics and reporting, you get a true picture of where your company stands and what it can do more to achieve more. We help you fill that gap and maximize your potential

What We Do?

1. Competitor Analysis:
We find out what works for your competitors and what doesn’t in the digital world. We use that knowledge to tailor the best possible strategy for your business, so that you can always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

2. Keyword Research:
Our team extensively conducts research on most commonly used terms and hence, most popular search keywords. This way you know what terms customers are searching for, and how to target those relevant to your business.

3. Keyword Position: Tracking: An effective SEO Strategy doesn’t stop when the website goes live. It’s an ongoing process and our team always keeps a tab on latest trends and tracks the position of your keywords. Thus, improving and changing strategy according to consumer demands.

4. Create Fresh Search Engine Optimized Content: Content is the King. You can’t take chances when it comes to content for online marketing. Since the internet is also filled with illegitimate companies and impostors, it is imperative to showcase genuineness of your business and intentions by displaying relevant SEO friendly content. Our team of content and marketing makes sure you score a 10 on 10 with Google, when it comes to Content.

VIVS Technology gives you the best SEO Services customized to your business needs to help you improve your online presence, customer base, sales and brand image.